Over 140 humorous rhyming verses, funny poems, serious poems, limericks and valentines written by David Axton
Read about high-diving stick insects, an educated giraffe,
a trapeze artist with vertigo, a woman sawn in half.....

Secret Agent
When is a mole not a mole?
When it's a Basset hound:
For they make great spies
With those big brown eyes
And ears always close to the ground.

A Limerick
There was an old drunk from Kilblane
Who wandered for miles in the rain
His hat it did shrink
Which then made him think
His head was too small for his brain

Kanga's Karrycot
The kangaroo carries her young in her pocket
'Cos prams are expensive to buy
But if she should sneeze
While finding her keys
She could well poke her child in the eye.

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