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Unfortunately "David Axton" is one of the pseudonyms used by Dean Koontz, a popular American writer, and this has led to some of my work being attributed to him (if, of course, that's his real name).

The Pseudonym
It's not much fun being a pseudonym,
People don't really know who I am:
They think I'm Dean Koontz in disguise
So I'm dismissed as being a sham
And at least one other writer
Has hidden behind my name,
So if you think their writing's rubbish
Guess who takes the blame.
Well, I've got a birth certificate
Which says I'm really me
And that I always have been
Since I was born you see,
So when you pass me in the street
You can say, "Oh look, it's him -
"It's the guy I've seen on Google,
David Axton the pseudonym".

here's a short bio

A Limerick
There was an old drunk from Kilblane
Who wandered for miles in the rain
His hat it did shrink
Which then made him think
His head was too small for his brain

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