Foreign Affairs

A Shocking Business

Jul 2003

As reported in the Daily Telegraph 13/6/2003
Sadly three Greek shepherds died in one week from lightning strikes.

Who'd want to be a Greek shepherd
In the mountains watching his flock?
When it seems that he's pretty vulnerable
To an exceedingly nasty shock.

The sheep don't have such a problem
'Cos they still do things by the book
While the shepherd has sided with progress
And is using a metal crook.

Now metal's a tricky substance
When bolts of lightning are shot,
So when there's an electrical storm
The poor shepherd cops the lot.

The government's trying to urge him
To go back to using wood
Which tends to split, and often breaks
And really isn't as good.

But even then, if he uses
The wood that he doesn't like,
He could still get struck by lightning
While riding home on his bike.
Yes, they use mountain bikes!

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