General Humour

Change of Address

Nov 2001

Dear friend, please note that my address
Has changed since you were last my guest,
When you just walked in through my door
And one week's stay turned into four.

You made me sit up late at nights
While you put all the world to rights
But every day you'd stay in bed
While I went out with aching head.

And later with the setting sun
I found the dishes still weren't done
And there you were just watching "Cheers"
Drinking one of my cold beers.

You took control of my whole life
I'm sure you thought I was your wife
And when at last you went your way
Not a penny did you pay.

So now I've moved you'll want to know
And maybe come again - and so
In case you feel that way disposed
My new address is not enclosed.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved