General Humour

The Carwash

Mar 2001

Yes, this really happened to one of my family!

In the early evening with the rush hour in full flow
To the local car wash I thought that I would go.
Through the crowded forecourt I drove my dirty car
Straight into the bay where the big green rollers are.

Everything was normal as I put my money in,
I sat and watched the rollers as they began to spin.
But suddenly I realised to my great dismay
The aerial was up, I had not put it away.

The bay was full of water, the jets were very near,
But out I madly jumped, no time to think of fear.
I skidded round the headlight, much quicker than I planned,
And grabbed the bloody aerial which broke off in my hand.

No chance to get back in the car and now quite soaking wet
I didn't know when I jumped out the car alarm had set.
So when it started rocking as the brush went round and round
The siren started wailing - a most disturbing sound.

Trying to pretend that I was really unconcerned
I hoped that no-one noticed just how much my poor cheeks burned,
'Cos everyone's attention had seemed to turn to me
And in that moment's freeze-frame I wished that I could flee.

So the moral of this story is - if there's a dirty mark
Never use the car wash unless it's after dark.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved