General Humour

Local Counsellor

Aug 2001

I'm your local counsellor,
On hand both day and night
To help you come to terms with all
The things that don't go right.

Did you miss your bus today?
Or was there too much rain?
You didn't win the lottery?
You can always try again.

As your local counsellor
I'm paid to hear you moan
'Cos no-one these days is allowed
To cope with things alone.

So tell me all your problems
And I'll show you that I care,
I'll hug you and I'll hold your hand
And gently say "There, there."

And when you're feeling happier
And pleased to be alive
I'll slip away, 'cos I must meet
My counsellor at five.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved