General Humour

Move Over

Feb 2002

Of course I'm a very patient driver
But your car is rather slow
And always seems to want to stop
When I just want to go.

Of course I'm not an aggressive driver
And I don't want you to dash
It's just that there's an electrics fault
That makes my headlights flash.

Of course I'm a very forgiving driver
But you forgot to indicate
And I'm only trying to help you when
I hoot and gesticulate.

Of course I'm a very tolerant driver
I'm not saying you're a hog
I only drive this close because
I like your nodding dog.

Of course I'm a law-abiding driver
I'm not the criminal sort
And now I really must get past:
I'm rather late for court.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved