General Humour

Pedro El Trapecista

Feb 2004

Pedro El Trapecista
Was king of the high trapeze
And toured the Spanish mainland
Bringing audiences to their knees
With complicated somersaults
Performed with graceful ease
And a body that the women, and some men,
Would like to squeeze.

Known as Spain's great swinger
He then lost his head for heights
And started getting nose-bleeds
While pulling on his tights.
He lost his sense of balance
And got sick just flying kites,
Now twenty feet's the highest
He can climb without the frights.

Poor Pedro lost his job
To a troupe of jumping fleas
And left behind the high life
And his trusty old trapeze.
He sold his big Mercedes,
His medallions and his skis
And now he tours the country
Picking olives out of trees.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved