General Humour

That Old Chestnut

Oct 2002

Put on your suit of armour,
Get your string and firmly hold,
And prepare to join in battle
As did the knights of old.

You may think that we look silly,
Perhaps a little bonkers:
But this is the only safe way
To play the game of conkers.

I'm told some schools have banned it
Because it is too rough,
And our kids must be protected
From all that kind of stuff.

Yet it really doesn't matter
'Cos interest is so thin.....
With "Playstations" and "Gameboys"
Why search for a piece of string?

But is there a hidden agenda?
Is Brussels using its clout
To ban the famous English conker
In favour of the Brussels Sprout?

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved