General Humour

On Glastonbury Tor

Oct 2002

Oh! to stand with my back to the sun-warmed stone
Of the tower atop the hill
And look out across the Somerset Levels
To the Severn, seemingly still.

A patchwork quilt of hedges and fields
Stretches east without a break
When seen from the Tor that once was an islet
Surrounded by marsh and lake.

For here, it is said, was King Arthur's stronghold,
The Isle of Avalon,
And in Glastonbury Abbey his bones were once found
But funnily enough they're now gone.

Oh! to view three counties with a turn of the head
And imagine that bygone time:
I could spend many hours on Glastonbury Tor
If I could only face the climb.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved