General Humour

Waste Disposal

Jun 2002

Suddenly we've become aware
Of the problems progress brings
And now it's hard to dispose of all
Those indispensable things

Like motor cars and TV sets
And household white goods too,
Just 'cos Brussels says that it's
Much safer for me and you.

But the planning really is quite poor,
Someone's got egg on his face
'Cos the regulations have been laid down
But the methods aren't in place.

There are mountains of fridges and freezers
Waiting to be destroyed
But the only plant that does the job
Is in Scotland - and is fully employed.

Many are being exported
To Germany and The Netherlands,
And we the public are asked to pay
Each time one changes hands.

But who wants to pay forty pounds
To the council to take it away?
You might as well dump it on the street;
It'll be removed one day.

So should you wish to visit me
You'll find my house all right:
It's past the burnt-out Ford Capri,
By the second fridge on the right.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved