General Humour

Hidden Asset

May 2004

Picasso's "Boy With A Pipe" had just sold for $104 million

I've bought myself a painting which
I can't hang on my wall
For it's really far too valuable
To be out on show at all.

I'm so worried my investment could
Be damaged by the light
I keep it in a darkened room
Where the temperature's just right.

The room itself is treble-locked
And that is just the start,
The security I have in place is
Really "state of the art".

Light beams bounce from wall to wall,
There are pressure pads galore,
Heat and movement sensors too
And a man outside the door.

The painting's dusted once a week
And checked with infra-red
While I admire its photograph
Which stands beside my bed.

I've said it's an investment but
What's the bottom line?
Well, I'm a connoisseur my friend,
And I can say it's mine.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved