General Humour

Sandra Goes Shopping

Oct 2004

Sandra went over to France
To sample the wine and the food
But the locals were not very friendly,
In fact they were all pretty rude

So after a week she decided
That she just couldn't stand any more,
But before she came home she went shopping
And entered a clothing store.

She was the only customer in there
And she was going through clothes on a rack
When an assistant abruptly approached her,
So she went straight on the attack

"No, I'm quite happy looking!" she quickly snapped
Before he could utter a word
And then carried on pushing the hangers
While three more assistants conferred.

It was plain they were being aggressive
As at Sandra they quite rudely stared,
But she wasn't going to be intimidated
Or show that she really cared

So she went through the rack once again
And took just as long as she could
Then said in a very disgusted voice
That the quality wasn't too good

Then she left with her head held high,
Unaware of her misdemeanours
And she never even realised
She'd been to the local dry cleaners.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved