General Humour

Wind of Change

Jun 2005

I've started on my diet
And all the goodies have been binned
But now that I am eating less
There's lots more room for wind
And through my miles of tubing
I can hear it gurgle round
Until it makes an exit
With a most explosive sound.

Now there are other problems
As it struggles to get free
For it presses on my bladder
And makes me want to pee
So I satisfy the craving
But it's driving me insane
'Cos then my stomach gurgles and -
Here we go again.

I wonder why this happens
Every time I'm on a diet
And why it always waits until
Everybody's quiet.
I used to think that life was great,
And what could ever spoil it?
But now if you can't find me
I'll be hiding in the toilet.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved