Some Favourites

Willy's Shortcomings

Jul 2001

Willy the worm is the longest worm
That anyone has ever seen
His front end is long, his back end is long
And he's very long in between.

When being introduced for the very first time
People often make the mistake
Of assuming he isn't a worm at all
But a slower than average snake.

He doesn't fit in like the other worms do
And can never go out on a date
'Cos his front end will always arrive too early
While his back end is always too late.

One day while wriggling around in the garden
He thought he'd found a friend
Till a passing beetle told him that
He was chatting up his own rear end.

Totally embarrassed, he wanted to hide
In his own little world of despair
But when you're a worm of enormous proportions
Everyone knows you are there.

So now he's decided on an operation,
The plans have all been made,
And everyday he lies in the flowerbed
Waiting for the man with the spade.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved