Nature & Wildlife

High Days and Holidays

Apr 2002

Grasshoppers are very good jumpers,
Leaping twenty times more than their length,
Which is down to the press-ups and workouts
That improve their upper leg strength.

But they're not very strong on aggression
And find it much safer to hide,
So they tend to dress up in the colour
Of the area in which they reside.

Which is fine till they go on vacation,
'Cos their cases are filled to the brim
With clothes they may need on the journey
And something to wear when they swim

Though they never go under the water,
Which may not be such a surprise,
For they can't find the goggles to fit them -
That's the trouble with having five eyes!

And so many eyes cause confusion,
Which really does give them the hump.
That's why, when you meet a grasshopper,
You'll always make him jump.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved