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Two Sticks For Poohsticks - Part 2

May 2001

Poohsticks, played by Christopher Robin, Winnie-The-Pooh, Piglet and, inadvertently, Eeyore consists of dropping sticks into the water off one side of a bridge and seeing which is first to appear on the other side.

If you haven't already done so I suggest you read  Two Sticks For Poohsticks - Part 1  first

When Fred suggested Poohsticks
It had seemed a good idea
But now Bill wasn't quite so sure
As he watched him disappear.

He couldn't see from where he was
That Fred had reached dry ground
So when the splashing finished
He assumed that Fred had drowned

And as the leaf on which he sat
Floated round a bend
His eyes were brimming over
With tears for his lost friend.

But his grief was soon invaded
By a sound quite loud and near
And looking over his shoulder
Bill went cold with fear

For ahead were bubbling rapids
And it seemed as if they laughed
Knowing that the little leaf
Was no white water raft.

Hanging on with all six hands
Bill wore a ghastly grin
As down between the pebbles
The leaf began to spin.

Up and down the water tossed him
Till all around was calm
And opening his eyes he found
He'd made it without harm.

The brook had now got wider
And the water nice and clear
And as he paddled to the shore
He had a Bright Idea.

He climbed up to the grassy path
And found his way upstream
His heart was pounding very fast
And his eyes were all agleam

For in his mind he saw his future
Running a 'Water Ride'
There was nothing else for insects to do
So they'd flock from far and wide

And for this new excitement
His charge would be quite fair
And just perhaps this time next year
He would be a millionaire.

And that is just what happened
You can take it all as read
But from that very moment on
Bill never thought of Fred.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved