Nature & Wildlife

Riley The Fox

Mar 2001

Riley the fox was christened
By someone who had trouble with R's
And known as 'Wily' he soon was top
Of the league of animal stars.

But the other animals were jealous
And sent a deputation
Insisting that he change his name
Or they'd ruin his reputation.

Wily shrugged and said that if
For him they should come gunning
It really would be a waste of time
For they couldn't match his cunning.

So the animals had a meeting,
Of the fox they must be rid.
A plan of action was agreed
And this is what they did.

The pigs slipped out one evening,
Kidnapped a chicken or three
And hid them in their pigsty
Where nobody could see.

Later they took some feathers
And some ketchup in a tin
And crept up to the sleeping fox
And spread them round his chin.

Then the donkeys brought the farmer
To see what they had done,
The farmer cried, "My chickens!"
And slowly raised his gun.

The feathers round the fox's nose
At that point made him sneeze.
Now awake he saw the gun
And shot into the trees.

So all because of someone
Whose R's would not sound right
Wily's now a fugitive
And dare not sleep at night.

And that's why every fox today
Is pictured chops a-licking.
But no-one's ever realised
That foxes don't like chicken.

(Of course I might be wrong!)

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved