Nature & Wildlife

Early Morning Visit

May 2002

The heron came again today:
I saw him just too late
To save our oldest goldfish
From Nature's fickle fate.

Brightly orange in the grass
Unmovingly he lay,
While by the pond the heron watched
For more to swim his way.

I must admit he looked superb
Standing in the sun,
And for a moment I forgot
Just what that bird had done.

He turned his head and saw me there,
Then with graceful ease
Flew up over the summerhouse
And out between the trees.

What an awful waste it was -
I'd lost another fish,
And the heron, well, he'd also lost
His tasty breakfast dish.

But how long had he been there?
Had he already dined?
And wasn't really bothered that
He'd left one fish behind?

So when the muddied water's cleared
I hope that I will see
Twenty-two fish swimming there
Instead of twenty-three.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved