Love & Romance

Day Trippers


Daisy and Donald, a duck and a drake,
Visit us daily and sit by our lake.
There's a mighty big splash every time they arrive
'Cos the lake only measures ten feet by five.
But they don't seem to worry, and have grown rather fond
Of sitting and sunning themselves by our pond.

The fish just ignore them and so does the cat
Who's rather put out by birds big as that.
The frogs started hiding within the first week
After one of their number was poked by a beak.
And whenever you look, whatever the weather,
There on a lily-pad sits a white feather.

Daisy amazed us one day with an egg
Which lay by the pond behind her left leg.
It must have surprised her, and Donald as well,
'Cos it landed on concrete, cracking its shell.
It was clearly a reject and not to be reared
And then one night it just disappeared.

You'd never have thought that ducks could be rude
But they waddle about demanding their food.
Donald will stare and Daisy will quack
Until you catch on that it's time for a snack.
And half a loaf later, which is more than you'd think,
It's back to the pond for a dip and a drink.

The end of the day is a frantic affair
As they rush to and fro smelling the air.
Picking up messages that make not a sound
They bob their heads and they dance around
Until Daisy flaps her wings and goes
And Donald follows - to where? who knows?

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved