The Dancer of El Portet

Jul 2002

El Portet is close to Moraira which is south of Jávea on the Costa Blanca, Spain

Today she wears her turquoise dress,
Her diamonds sparkle as she sways
So sensually in the tidal dance
Of carefree golden summer days.

Her rhythmic movements mesmerise:
Her breath so soft upon your face,
Her gentle voice inviting you
To slip into her warm embrace.

Yet don't be fooled by virgin charms
For she has known so many men:
Men who gave their very souls
Just to dance with her again.

No, you've not seen her darker side:
Her lashing out with spume and spray,
Her rage destroying hearts and lives
Of all those standing in her way.

But here and now she'll dance for you
Between the rocks and on the sand:
Pressing forward then skipping back,
Daring you to take her hand

But moods can change at any time
And it's so easy to forget
Just how dangerous it is to flirt
With the dancer of El Portet.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved