The Eyes of War

Sep 2000

A woman with sad eyes looks out from the screen
But the camera can't show the horror she's seen:
The death of her husband, the anguish, the fear,
The praying for life with death so near.

The rape of her daughter by four brutal men
She was forced to watch, again and again
Until, still laughing, they withdrew from the bed
And put a bullet in the young girl's head.

In the turmoil of war all values are lost
And it's left to the innocent to count the cost.
It's called liberation, breaking the mould,
But the sins of the new are as vile as the old.

Now banners are waved and the fighting is done
And we'll soon forget how the war was won.
The future is bright, the slate is clean,
As a woman with sad eyes looks out from the screen.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved