A Year In The Death Of..

Sep 2002

-Month One-
Her sparkling eyes have gone, dulled by all the tears
She hurredly wipes away before he nears.
His once warm eyes are cold, for he can only see
The car he's driving crash into the tree.

-Month Three-
The house has been so quiet since their daughter died,
Echoing the silence they feel inside;
For both are sadly sure that he's the one to blame
But recriminations only fuel the shame.

-Month Six-
They'd hoped things would improve with every passing day,
But the sense of total waste won't go away
And the child that kept them close now pushes them apart
And there's an icy corner in each heart.

-Month Twelve-
They seldom touch or speak now, frightened to reveal
Just how little they have come to feel.
But there is some common ground, though the gulf between them's vast,
For each has known two loves that didn't last.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved