Special Occasions

Penny For The Guy

Nov 2002

In early November, sixteen hundred and five,
To blow up Parliament and the King,
Deep in the cellars of the Palace of Westminster
Were barrels of gunpowder and some string.

The plan was to wait until November the Fifth,
And Fawkes was to be the Guy
To light the fuse and then quickly retire
As the palace was blown sky-high.

But sometimes things just won't go as planned:
On November the Fourth he was found
Practising lighting a piece of rope
Then throwing himself to the ground.

When questioned about this odd behaviour
He told of the Gunpowder Plot
And three months later any kind of future
Was something he hadn't got.

Yet being a failure has brought him fame
For as the sparks fly high
The bonfire burns an effigy of a pope
But everyone thinks that it's Guy.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved