Special Occasions

Christmas Past

Jan 2004

A more serious piece expanded from two verses that I rather liked in "Last Year's Christmas Card".

Bundled up against the cold,
Casting winter shadows long,
Down a lane a family walks
Towards a Christmas long since gone.

Fields lie warm beneath the snow,
Trees stand tall against the sky,
A robin sits upon a fence
To watch the family struggle by.

Holly, green with berries red,
Lines the hedgerow topped in white.
The robin sings just one more song
As the winter sun drops out of sight.

An open gate displays the way
To a house with windows warm and bright
Where the sound of laughter fills the air
Of a quickly-falling Christmas night.

Parcels lie beneath the tree,
Children play and friends embrace
As flames dance high in the open fire
And candles light each happy face.

The robin wings his way back home,
The family join their friends in song
And the snow begins to fall again
Upon a Christmas long since gone.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved