General Humour

Dear Auntie Beeb

Sep 2003

You have to be British and getting on a bit to remember a couple of these!

My tv licence soon expires
So renewal time is here,
But will I get the same repeats
Repeated again next year?

"Open All Hours" is on at all hours,
"Only Fools And Horses" too,
And you're showing those classic B-movies
That seemed old even when they were new.

So what is going on at the BBC?
You don't seem to give a fig:
I'm waiting to see if next week we get
Mr Pastry and "Whirligig".

"Hi-De-Hi", "Frost" and "Bergerac"
Crop up more now than then
And I've heard an ugly rumour that
The Interlude's back again.

We know that money's getting tight
So if you really haven't gotta,
Why go out and spend ten million
On bloody Harry Potter?

Yes, my tv licence soon expires
And what to do is clear:
I'm sending in a photocopy
Of the cheque I sent last year.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved