Mothers Day Verses

Why we celebrate Mothers Day

I might not be the perfect child
But I'm sure there must be worse,
And Mum I need your love and care
Like I need what's in your purse.

Mum just take it easy,
Today's your special day:
Put your feet up for a while,
Lunch is hours away.

Some things are taken for granted
Like electricity and toast
But it really seems that mothers
Are taken for granted most
And though we never say it
We'd be lost if they weren't here,
So Mum I love you very much
Despite how it may appear.

Penguins Don't Play Beachball

Where would I be without you?
On the wrong side of the tracks!
Mum, you deserve to be proud of me
So lie down and relax
And I will do the cooking,
And I'll give my room a shake-up
'Cos today's your very special day:
Well, it is until you wake up.

Mum I might not show it
But I really think you're great
So have a lovely time today:
The ironing can wait.

You're the greatest mum in all the world
And your jokes are always funny
But I'm not joking when I say
If I had more pocket money
You could have had a bunch of flowers
And chocolates in a box
But all I can really afford to do
Is say that I love you lots.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved