General Humour

Horses For Courses

Mar 2002

We went to the races on a cold and damp day
And the wind seemed to blow all my good luck away.
Favourites were pulled up, outsiders ran on,
But never the long shots that my money was on.

I admit I'm no expert, I just went for a laugh
But it's not so much fun tearing tickets in half
And watching the wind blow the pieces away;
Pieces of a dream of a profitable day.

Up in the stand where the coldest wind blows
We bet on which one of us had the runniest nose,
And then it was back to the man on the Tote
To see if I could lose my shirt and my coat

For when fate is against you bad luck never ends
(Though the day was a winner 'cos we spent it with friends)
So I'll be philosophical and say, "What the heck."
If I'd backed a giraffe it would have lost by a neck!

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved