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Penguins Don't Fly Aeroplanes

Jan 2012

Penguins don't fly aeroplanes,
The pilot's seat's too low
And even on a cushion
They can't see where to go

And they cannot reach the pedals
'Cos the pilot's seat's too high,
And as for pushing buttons, well
I'd like to see them try.

But if they took more cushions
And sat in business class
They could look down on the hunting seals
And watch the icebergs pass

And see the world in a brand new way:
What a tale they all could tell,
If only they didn't have to close their eyes
And feel so very unwell

For they really have no head for heights
And that's the reason why
Mother Nature fixed it so that
Penguins cannot fly.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved