The Mobile Phone


Written before the advent of "pay as you go", smart phones etc..

I've had a mobile phone for quite some time now -
But nobody ever rings me.
Mind you, I haven't given the number to anyone,
But I still carry it around in case.
Not that it matters, 'cos I only bought it for emergencies,
Though every now and then I like to make sure it still works.
But I haven't really got anything to say to anyone
So I don't do it very often.
And when I do, I find I've forgotten how because
There are so many buttons with programs on
That it's very hard to remember what's on what - and I can't.
And when I do eventually work it out
I don't often get through because the battery's flat,
Or I'm outside the service area, or the other phone isn't switched on.
And every month I still have to pay the bill,
Of which only two percent seems to be for calls.
Still, I only bought it for the convenience.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved