Love & Romance

An Old Man's Proposal

Sep 2003

I know that I said we would take in a film
And then a romantic meal
But I've a better idea for this our first date
And I'm ringing to see how you'd feel.

I remember my youth, when sex was the craze
And how night after night we chased it
But now, at my age, if I should get the urge
It would be such a shame to waste it

So why don't I come straight over to yours?
And to hell with the thrill of the chase:
Just wear black stockings and bright red suspenders
And I'll bring a thingummy - just in case.

Now I know this may sound a little bit forward
But I'm almost beginning to lust
And this could well be my very last chance
So I feel it's a case of needs must.

Please say I can come straight over to yours,
That you don't need the thrill of the chase:
I'm hoping you're into black stockings and suspenders
But I'll bring along mine - just in case.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved