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Two Sticks For Poohsticks - Part 1

Apr 2001

Poohsticks, played by Christopher Robin, Winnie-The-Pooh, Piglet and,
inadvertently, Eeyore consists of dropping sticks into the water off one
side of a bridge and seeing which is first to appear on the other side.

Fred and Bill, young stick insects,
Were finding life quite tame
Till Fred overheard some children
Talking about a game.

The game concerned was Poohsticks
And it sounded fun to him,
A little bit of diving
Followed by a swim.

So they got their trunks and towels
And went down to the brook
Then stood upon the little bridge
To have a proper look.

"There's quite a lot of water,"
Said Bill as he looked down
"You're a better swimmer
So don't you let me drown."

"Of course not!" answered Fred,
But not quite sure at all
'Cos many years had now gone by
Since he had learnt the crawl.

They both stood on the lowest rail
Ready for the race
Fred counted "One two three and GO!"
And they jumped out into space.

Down they went together
But Fred could not resist
Doing a backward somersault
With pike and double twist.

So by the time he landed
In the water there beneath
Bill was half a yard away
And sitting on a leaf.

"That's cheating!" spluttered Fred
As Bill went floating by
And if anyone were watching
They might have seen him cry.

But Fred was made of sterner stuff
And soon his eyes were clearer
Well, clear enough to see the bridge
Was further off, not nearer!

They hadn't thought to see which way
The water gurgled past
And now the leaf on which Bill sat
Was disappearing fast.

With the current getting stronger
Fred struck out for the shore
And when at last he reached the bank
He could see the leaf no more.

Tired and dejected
And thinking thoughts of Bill
He slowly made his way back home
Before he caught a chill.

And now each day Fred has a dip
In case he should forget
The times he had with his friend Bill
Who's still not come home yet.

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the above work is copyright David Axton © All Rights Reserved